B.C. Fitzpatrick - Needle and Thorn

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B.C. Fitzpatrick (1970) was born in San Francisco and spent most of his life in the small cities north of the Golden Gate Bridge. He compares his music to the endless hours he spent exploring these places as a child, something he has actually never stopped doing. He wanders through empty riverbeds, rail yards and eucalyptus woods in search of a new song. His first CD Lost, Stolen and Strayed will appear in 2011 and while its songs bring folk to mind, its arrangements are strange and surprising. He is considering asking artists from the town of Santa Rosa to make work inspired by his songs – the opposite of what he did with the Groninger Museum.

Lost, Stolen and Strayed (2011)


Jan Janszoon de Stomme
De evangelist Lukas (Luke the Evangelist), 1655
73 x 58 cm, oil on panel

De Stomme does well to capture St. Luke lost in thought on a collision course with a stark realization. The song 'Needle and Thorn' introduces St. Luke as a perpetrator caught between accepting and responsibility for his actions and his inability to verbally denounce them. In the end he is only able to reconcile his deeds by calling into question his own existence.