Bedhelm - Wij zijn mode

Musical Audio Tour 'Highlights from the Groninger Museum collection'

Take a DJ, a singer and a good measure of sarcasm. Singer Johan Kuipers’ voice brings 1980s ‛nederpop’ (pop music in Dutch) to mind, but not quite. The theatrical lyrics about dancing, the word ‘nee’ (no in Dutch) and sheer monotony keep the listener riveted. The music can be filed under Dutch-sung electro-pop. Bedhelm is a fiery and theatrical act from Zwolle that was founded first and foremost to shatter the audience’s expectations. A minimum of means yields maximum effect.

Slaapstoring (2006-2008)
Nieuwe Sensatie (2010)

Bernhard Willhelm & Jutta Kraus

The thing that struck me straight off was the multitude of colours. That made choosing Willhelm and Kraus pretty easy. It also appealed to me at once that the fashion designers had chosen to display their work so you could walk around it and relate to it physically as viewer. It’s appears tranquil, yet communicates as well. It invites the viewer to take a stand, even if just in its presence. It’s being called Smokers and thus referring to so many things is just an added bonus for me as a songwriter.