De Basis - Stigmata

Musical Audio Tour 'Highlights from the Groninger Museum collection'

De Basis, formed in January 2009 in Leeuwarden, is a six-man band with a mutual aim: “to make rock/hiphop in Dutch with no-nonsense/philosophical lyrics and an experimental sound.” Their first EP, De Basis, is a rounded whole, with songs that merge into each other from the opening track De Basis to the concluding track Terug, giving the album a feeling of total unity.


  • Ico Balt, vocals 
  • Jelle Gietema, drums 
  • Atser Damsma, keyboards 
  • Marcel Caron, synths / sounds / samples 
  • Jelmer Haringsma, guitar 
  • Bonne van der Wal, bass 

De Basis (2010)

Enzo Cucchi
Montagne Miracolate, 1981
charcoal on paper/canvas, 278 x 406 cm

What appeals to us in this work of art is its mysterious Character and the waves of energy it radiates. The mountains, clouds and hands seem to be connected, as if there is an interplay of invisible forces between them. Such a mysterious exchange of power is what we experience when we’re making music together, wandering through a rolling landscape of intangible sound waves.