Kristin Hersh - Flooding

Musical Audio Tour 'Highlights from the Groninger Museum collection'

Kristin Hersh (1966) is a singer-songwriter from Athens, Georgia. She does solo acoustic shows, and is known in particular as founder and singer/guitarist of the alternative rock group Throwing Muses. She has made a number of albums as a solo artist, usually acoustic ones. Her first solo album Hips And Makers came out in 1994, and the single Your Ghost taken from it -- a duet with Michael Stipe, the REM singer– was a huge hit. Her fourth album Sky Motel marks a return to an electrical sound. Her fine lyrics are always worth noting and are often gilded with a dark sense of humour.

Hips And Makers (1994) 
Strange Angels (1998) 
Murder, Misery And Then Goodnight (1998) 
Sky Motel (1999)
Sunny Border Blue (2001) 
The Grotto (2003)
Learn to Sing Like a Star (2007) 
Speedbath (2008)
Crooked (2010) 

Georg Baselitz 
Eagle, (14 IX 77), 1977 
watercolour, India ink, pencil on paper

This painting and this song both use space to accentuate line and softness to accentuate  texture. Loneliness and loveliness are closely related when you take a minute to step back and see their similar curves, their attention to quiet detail.