Emily Jane White - Black Silk

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Emily Jane White is a 28-year-old singer-songwriter from California. Her influences include American blues, folk, and mythology from a variety of cultures. She is often compared to Nick Cave, P.J. Harvey, Cat Power and Mazzy Star, but her musical style is quite unique. Emily Jane White grew up in Fort Bragg, California and first started experimenting with creating her singing style in 2000. Her first experiences in music were with a number of metal and punk bands she played in while engaged in American Studies at university, and with her own band Diamond Star Halos. After graduating she spent some time in France and then moved to San Francisco. She often performs in Europe and has a French record label. Her songs are not really upbeat but reflective and contemplative. “It’s not my job to create happy music. I’m okay with that.”

Dark Undercoat (2007)
Victorian America (2009)
Ode to Sentience (2010)


Georg Baselitz
Eagle (29 VII 77), 1977
India ink, pencil and watercolour on paper, 86 x 61 cm

"Black Silk" is a song about deception, disillusionment and claustrophobia. The eagle, being a bird, is often synonymous with concepts of freedom. Baselitz depicts the eagle upside down, blackened and almost obscured thereby dramatically changing its meaning. When i wrote the song I wanted to express spirited feelings by giving the song an up-beat tempo but that contradictorily spoke about experiences of darkness. I feel that Baselitz's painting visually suggests this theme by first using the image of the eagle but by then depicting it as chaotic and inverted.

Emily Jane White - Black Silk @ Groninger Museum Sessions