Empty House Cooperative - Improvisation on Henk Visch

Musical Audio Tour 'Highlights from the Groninger Museum collection'

Empty House Cooperative is an experimental music project of David Michael Curry’s who comes from the Northeast USA. Sometimes he plays on his own, sometimes accompanied by others. Curry, who trained as a visual artist, plays viola in a number of rock and alt-country bands, including Willard Grant Conspiracy and with some improvisational groups. He also played with M. Ward and The Walkabouts. Empty House Cooperative creates improvised soundscapes. His work was made on site in the Ploeg Pavilion, inspired by drawings by Henk Visch.


Henk Visch
Untitled, 1984
150 x 120 cm India ink and acrylic on paper

The Henk Visch music piece was performed solo as an immediate reaction to the pictures. I was pulled into Henks Visch's work by the sense of improvisation and dream-world imagery. Every viewer sees art differently. For me, a swirling musical cloud of change, darkness, flight, space, disintegration and possession by dark spirits all came to mind while making music for his art.