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Essie Jain is a singer from London who has been living in New York since 2001. She makes soft music on acoustic guitar and piano. Her first CD, We Made This Ourselves, was compared to the work of famous female folk artists of yesteryear, such as Sandy Denny and Vashti Bunyan. She herself notes that listeners usually become calm and relaxed, listening to her music. In 2010 she made the CD Under the Light of Morning, when she noticed that family and friends were starting to have children. Its music is meant especially for parents and babies wanting to fall quietly asleep. The string of songs gently grows softer and softer, fading away until only an instrumental version resembling a heartbeat remains.

We Made This Ourselves (2007)
The Inbetween (2008)
Under the Light of Morning (2010)

H.N. Werkman
De roep van de aarde
Chassidic Legends, 1943
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The world has so much colour, beauty, and wonder within it. If we pay attention, we can always find a moment in each and every day of our lives. that can uplift, inspire, and enrich us.