Musical Audio Tour 'Highlights from the Groninger Museum collection'

Noir began in 2005 in an old farmhouse in Groningen. Their music, which they describe as modern progressive rock metal, is a mixture of rock, metal and post-rock. The Berlin Wall – that important symbol of freedom – inspired the band to start a project called The Berlin Wall of Sound in 2009. Noir is now working on a full-length album and these days also performs acoustic shows.


  • Frank de Boer, bass 
  • Douwe Dijkstra, guitar 
  • Sven Jurgens, drums 

Under Different Angles (2007)
A Glimpse of Perfection (2008)

Wobbe Alkema
Compositie met roze cirkels (Composition with Pink Circles), 1926
oil on canvas, 80 x 80 cm

It’s precisely the absence of people and facial expressions and other matters that immediately trigger emotion that draws our attention in this painting. The painting’s abstract nature makes strong demands on the fantasy and imagination of the viewer, which leaves more room for the music to steer meaning. The song doesn’t literally translate the painting into music but the music and the painting together cause a fresh experience which should rise above the experience of either music or song singly.