Matt Bauer - Enlisted Song for Cucchi

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Matt Bauer lives in Brooklyn, New York, but his music clearly betrays his Kentucky roots, where he grew up near the Appalachian Mountains. His birthplace is a lasting source of inspiration for his very personal Americana. Regional banjo music meets tranquil indie-folk in Bauer’s music, evoking a world filled with murder, mysticism and raw nature. Bauer tells tales of a world swept by undercurrents of unexplained secrets. This does not mean, however, that songs’ tender nature loses out to gravity -- the suspense, sung light as a feather at times, always makes his work irresistible.

Nandina (2004)
Wasps And White Roses (2006)
The Island Moved in the Storm (2008)

Enzo Cucchi
Montagne Miracolate, 1981
charcoal on paper/canvas, 278 x 406 cm

I can't really put into words why I chose this drawing other than to say I was just drawn to it. That's kind of what I like most in visual art - that it expresses something that can't be said in words. The banjo part and melody came o me very quickly while just spending time with the drawing, then I filled out the arrangement with bells and electric piano while looking at more of Cucchi's paintings. There something to me really strange and wonderful about them. They seem dark and Joyous, serious and playful all at once.