Ai Weiwei in the Groninger Museum via Skype

Ai Weiwei speaking with journalists via Skype – the entire interview can now be seen here. Ai Weiwei was invited to speak to the press to mark the occasion of the opening of Fuck Off 2. Curated by Ai Weiwei, Feng Boyi & Mark Wilson. He was unfortunately unable to attend in person; a Skype connection proved to be the solution.

Ai Weiwei describes what he feels the perfect China would look like: A democratic society where people can make their own choices and voice their opinion. Although there is more money, he says, further improvements are far and few between. Facebook, YouTube and Google are forbidden, there is still no multiparty system, and no right to vote. Democracy and freedom of speech still lie beyond the horizon.

When asked whether the exhibition could be held in China, he said this would prove impossible.

In the Fuck Off 2 exhibition controversial work by 37 young Chinese artists and artists groups is on show. Their work raises questions about the social, legal and political climate in China today. The exhibition is about repression and the meaning of freedom and of artistic freedom.

The show is a sequel to Fuck Off, the exhibition held in Shanghai in 2000 by Ai Weiwei and Feng Boyi, which fell prey to censorship after just a few days.