Exhibition and project proposals

  • Joris Laarman, dragon, 2015, photo: Marten de Leeuw
  • Hide & Seek, Maarten Baas, Groninger Museum 2017 photo: Marten de Leeuw
  • Ruud Venekamp, berichten van Ver, Groninger Museum 2017 photo: Marten de Leeuw

The Groninger Museum’s exhibition programme is devised and confirmed by the museum’s curatorial team and is based solely on invitations. The exhibition programme is planned up to approximately two years in advance.

The museum’s curatorial team follows actively both the Dutch and the international contemporary art field, but we do also accept exhibition and project proposals, which can be sent to our director at the following address: abluhm@groningermuseum.nl (by e-mail only!). Your proposal should identify and provide a rationale for the exhibition concept or theme (1 page) and at most 6 images (.jpeg, 300 dpi, max 1 MB). 

Since our exhibition programme is by invitation only, we do not give feedback on proposals sent to us. If your proposal has been successful, the museum’s curatorial team will contact you directly.