Iris van Herpen: Transforming Fashion

In six museums in North-America

  • Iris van Herpen, Mummification, collectie Groninger Museum
  • Iris van Herpen, Escapism, collectie Groninger Museum
  • Iris van Herpen, Refinery Smoke, collectie Groninger Museum

The exhibition Transforming Fashion from Iris van Herpen makes a journey along five museums in the United States and one museum in Canada

Grand Rapids Arts Museum - October 3rd 2016 till January 15th 2016
Carnegie Museum of Art - Febraury 4th 2017 till May 1st 2017
Dallas Museum of Art - May 21st 2017 till August 20th 2017
Cincinnati Museum of Art - October 14th 2017 till January 7th 2018
Phoenix Art Museum - February 4th 2018 till May 6th 2016
Royal Ontario Museum - June 1st 2018 till August 1st 2018