Movements - De Ploeg after 1928

26 May 2018 to 20 January 2019

Featuring work by artists including Jan Altink, Ekke Kleima and Jannes de Vries, this show complements the survey exhibition and looks at how De Ploeg’s members took part in modern art movements following the group’s peak. After the painter Jan Wiegers befriended the German artist Ernst Ludwig Kirchner in 1920, the group entered a period of rapid artistic development. Kirchner heavily influenced the emergence of the colourful Groningen expressionist style. Though De Ploeg’s avant-garde intensity ebbed after 1928, they had indeed ploughed fertile new ground. 

On show in the Ploeg Pavilion, complementary to the exhibition Avant-garde in Groningen.

  • Jan Altink, Kerkje te Oostum, 1958, bruikleen collectie Stichting De Ploeg
  • H.N. Werkman, Draaideur van het postkantoor 2, 1941, collectie Groninger Museum
  • Jan Wiegers, Odalisque, 1944, collectie Groninger Museum
  • Jan van der Zee, Stad, 1973, collectie Groninger Museum
  • Job Hansen, Man op hooiberg, kalveren, 1953, bruikleen particuliere collectie