Programme Wall House Weekends

31 March until 9 June 2018

Mariëlle Gebben
Saturday 31 March until Sunday 3 June
Mariëlle Gebben (1979) graduated cum laude from the Fotoacademie [Photo Academy] in Amsterdam. As a researcher, she is fascinated by the infinite universe. She creates a possible reality, which she abstracts to organic sculptures using materials as paper, paint, water, and
light. She made an installation for Wall House #2, in which De Flux [The Flux] engages with the building and its surroundings.

Mirjam Offringa
Saturday 31 March until Sunday 3 June
Mirjam Offringa (1971) graduated from Minerva Art Academy in Groningen as autonomous visual artist in July 2010. She shot the video Het Contact [The Contact] in 2013, in an Amsterdam metro station, for which she was awarded with the Van Lanschot Kunstprijs [Van Lanschot Art Award] in 2016. The video, as well as new work, is on view during the Wall House Weekends.

Saturday 31 March until Sunday 28 October
Photographer and Wall House #2 programmer Gea Schenk (1970) portrays local Hoornse Meer residents. Last season this resulted in more than a hundred portraits that are all on display on the ‘Wall of Fame’ at the entrance of the building. This year the exhibition Buren_9728 will be extended with new portraits.

Saturday 14 April, 2-3pm
Following the Nacht van de Filosofie [Night of Philosophy], which takes place on Friday 13 April, artist Mirjam Offringa will speak to visitors about the online/offline theme.

Het Contact is a three-minute piece of video art by Mirjam Offringa, from Groningen, which was awarded with the Van Lanschot Kunstprijs 2016. “It is clear that mobile phones and mobile internet lead to a decrease in physical and verbal contact, and subsequently to an increase in loneliness. We used to visit our parents, yet now they only get a message via Whatsapp. Those are the times we live in,” says the artist. The video is on display in Wall House #2.

Sunday 29 April, start: 2pm (duration: 60 minutes)
Artist Mariëlle Gebben tells the story of De Flux.

Pentecost weekend, Saturday 19 until Monday 21 May, 12-5pm
This year around the Dag van de Architectuur Groningen [Day of Architecture Groningen] (1 June), activities themed ‘Love for the city’ will be organised from 15 May until 1 June.

Sunday 3 June, 11am-6pm
Art Route Hoornse Meer.

Sunday 3 June, 12-5pm
Finale of De Flux bij artist Mariëlle Gebben.

Saturday 9 June, 12-5pm
Opening of the exhibition of Margriet Stegmeyer and the exhibition Hoornse wijk in beeld [Neighbourhood Hoorse Meer pictured], in cooperation with the municipality of Groningen.\

A. J. Lutulistraat 17, 9728 WT Groningen

  • Wall House #2, foto Christian Richters, Groningen