De Ploeg and constructivism

Constructivism was an autonomous development in modern art in Groningen, that started off in 1923 in the work of Wobbe Alkema, Jan Van Der Zee, and in the printing of Hendrik Werkman. Constructivism was never to be as important to ‘De Ploeg’ as Expressionism, for a number of reasons: Van Der Zee only produced Constructivist work for a year; Werkman worked in an Expressionist vein as well as Constructivist; while the one true Constructivist, Alkema, was only a member from 1925 until 1926, for less than a year. Alkema produced most of his work outside the confines of ‘De Ploeg’.

  • Wobbe Alkema - Compositie 19
  • Jan van der Zee - Compositie park
  • Hendrik Werkman - Renpaarden