Abe Kuipers

23 September 2014 to 04 January 2015

Abe Kuipers was born in Rotterdam in 1918. He came into contact with art at an early age and was stimulated in this profession by his surroundings. In 1937-1940, he followed a study at the School of Applied Art, now Minerva Academy of Art, in Groningen. His exploration of art led him from fine painting to the expressionism of De Ploeg. In the sixties and seventies he experimented with new techniques, such as photo-etching, silk-screen printing and collage, and created large-scale objects of plastic and metal. In addition, he gained a reputation as a graphic designer, working for the Groninger Museum among others.

  • Abe Kuipers, De Kunst, 1997-2006, Schenking van de kunstenaar