Bommen Berend and the Relief of Groningen

09 June 2007 to 02 September 2007

After laying siege for months on end to the city valiantly defended by Carel Rabenhaupt, bishop Bernhard Galen von Munster left Groningen 335 years ago, on 28 August 1672. The bishop, better known as Bommen Berend (Berend Bombs), plays the lead in the exhibition, in which he features, for instance, in a martial equestrian portrait. The exhibition also includes special objects dating from the 1672 siege of Groningen, and the period shortly afterwards. Immediately after the siege commemorative coins and medallions were struck, and prints and paintings of the siege were made. The way Gronings Ontzet (the Relief of Groningen) came to be celebrated throughout the years is also touched upon.