Burnished Belief

Church Silver in Groningen Catholic and Protestant church silver

16 June 2006 to 24 October 2006

In this presentation both Roman Catholic and Protestant church silver is on show. Objects used in the Catholic Mass are on exhibit, such as ampullas for wine and water, and ciboria, used to keep the Communion hosts in. It is presented and worshipped in a special object, known as a monstrance, or ostensorium. A remarkable monstrance was made in 1523, for the church in Campen, in German East Friesland. Also on exhibit are Catholic altar furnishings, such as an altar cross, altar candlesticks, a Roman Missal and altar cards.

Protestant church silver for the Communion or Last Supper service is more modest and consists of chalices and patens, or plates, used to hold the consecrated bread. The Communion service was held on long tables in the church's choir. To replicate this the Protestant church silver display cases stand in the middle of the room. From the large inner-city churches 19th century offertory-boxes and candlesticks are on show.

  • Monstrance, silver gilt