The circle around Kirchner

Expressionismus aus den Bergen

15 September 2007 to 13 January 2008

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Jan Wiegers, Albert Müller, Hermann Scherer, Philipp Bauknecht

The exhibition Expressionismus aus den Bergen / Expressionism from the Mountains focused on the circle of artists who were in close contact with Ernst Ludwig Kirchner in the Davos region in the 1920-1926 period. A wide variety of works of art illustrate a vigorous expressionism with its own telltale characteristics. The exhibition was an initiative of the Groninger Museum, organized in close cooperation with the Bern Kunstmuseum and the Bündner, which were the exhibition’s prior and latter venues.

  • Ernst Ludwig Kirchner: Stafelalp im Schnee. Slg. E.W.K., Bern/Davos