Danielle Kwaaitaal - Whispering Waters

14 March 2009 to 13 May 2009

The exhibition provides an overview of new work by Danielle Kwaaitaal. Whispering Waters consists of a series of underwater photos. Especially for this occasion, the artist asked fashion Mada van Gaans to design a number of ‘underwater dresses’. As Daniëlle says: ‘Her virtuoso use of materials and exceptional sense of colour are perfectly in keeping with the image that is evoked, in which sharp contours and silk-smooth colour transitions go hand in hand.’ In her new work, Danielle Kwaaitaal seeks a link with the fashion world in order to focus the spotlight on ‘beauty’ as a social issue. Besides Whispering Waters, the Museum also displays the series entitled Bubbling, dating from 1994, and a new video work entitled Mirroring.

  • Danielle Kwaaitaal: Whispering Waters - Courtesy Torch Gallery Amsterdam