The Firebird

23 January 2011 to 04 September 2011

From January 23, 2011 till September 4, 2011 in the Groninger Museum: the exhibition 'The Firebird'.

  • Othilia Verdurmen - The Firebird

Artist Othilia Verdurmen was inspired by the myth of the Firebird. Consigned to fire, the Phoenix turns to ashes and is subsequently reborn. It is the symbol of both life and death. Many cultures have stories about the firebird and its significance. The artist involved herself with the many questions concerning the firebird: Is there an egg? Does it emerge from its old shape like a snake shedding its skin? How does life commence? What makes life start up?

Othilia created a fascinating installation of textile and steel in which this wondrous transformation is given shape by means of light, aroma and a soundscape. The dead firebird is a giant object, more than seven metres wide, which can be viewed from all sides. The reborn bird reflects the bird’s old form but radiates energy and lust for life and displays completely different colours. With layer upon layer of textile, Othilia created intense, imaginative images, forms and colours.