Hendrik de Vries

Drawings from the museum's collection

23 June 2006 to 05 December 2006

To many, Hendrik De Vries is known mainly for his poetry. Yet, to them, his drawings will come as no surprise, since his artwork is closely linked to his literary efforts.

Hendrik De Vries joined the artist's association De Ploeg in September 1929. He wrote a number of important introductions to group exhibits, yet as painter and draftsman he remained an exception within De Ploeg. Members of De Ploeg used reality as point of departure for their art, while for Hendrik De Vries the starting point was his fantasy. Between 1924 and 1936, he travelled to Spain every year. The dance music and dance songs he encountered there became his main artistic source of inspiration, including for his drawings.

  • Hendrik de Vries: Spanish Dancer