Me, Myself and I, Chi Peng

photoworks 2003 - 2010

27 March 2011 to 25 September 2011

From 27 March to 25 September 2011 the Groninger Museum will present an exhibition of photos by Chi Peng (1981). This exhibition, entitled Me, Myself and I, will feature both early and recent work. It is Chi Peng’s first large-scale solo exhibition outside China and this has formed the impulse for the Groninger Museum to invest substantially in his work. Chi Peng’s work was previously on display in the Groninger Museum in the group exhibition New World Order. Modern Installation Art and Photography from China, in 2008.

  • Sprinting forward-2, Photographer: Chi Peng, 120x152, 2004, @ Groninger Museum
  • Mirage, Photographer: Chi Peng, 198x400, 2005, @ Groninger Museum

Chi Peng himself plays the leading role in many of his staged photographs. Growing up and becoming an adult are important themes in his work. Chi Peng, like many of his contemporaries, grew up without brothers or sisters due to China’s one-child policy. In addition, China in the 1980s was radically different from what it had been a decade earlier, and Chi Peng’s generation was the first to grow up in relative prosperity. The enormous dynamism, the irresistible progress of China, and topics involving (sexual) identity and accompanying feelings of optimism, doubt, uncertainty and loneliness are expressed in images in which reality and fiction converge.

Chi Peng graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Art in Beijing, with Photography as his main subject, in 2005. During his study he was selected by curator Feng Boyi, who is also co-curator of this exhibition, for an exhibition abroad. Three years later, Chi Peng is one of the most-requested Chinese artists for photographic exhibitions all over the world.