Nacho Carbonell & Maartje Korstanje

22 November 2014 to 22 March 2015

Exhibition with much new work by artist Maartje Korstanje (Goes, 1982) and designer Nacho Carbonell (Valencia, 1980). Specific choices of material and their extraordinary application are important aspects of their work. The cycle of life and death is also a major source of inspiration to Maartje Korstanje, and her large irregularly formed cardboard sculptures occasionally seem to come to life. To Nacho Carbonell, animation – coming to life – is an important theme. In his work he investigates the relation that humans have with objects and things. Retreat, seclusion or hiding in hollow forms is a characteristic feature of his work.

  • Nacho Carbonell, Confrontation, 2011, Photographer: Marten de Leeuw © Groninger Museum
  • Maartje Korstanje, What if… Untitled 2010, Photo: Marten de Leeuw © Groninger Museum
  • Maartje Korstanje, What if… Untitled 2010, © Groninger Museum

Nacho Carbonell
Nacho Carbonell graduated from CEU Cardenal Herrera University in Valencia in 2003, and later moved to Eindhoven where he graduated cum laude from the Design Academy with his final exam works entitled Dream of Sand and Pump It Up. He then went on to exhibit frequently both at home and abroad. His work can be found in many public and private collections. Carbonell lives and works in Eindhoven. 

Hybrid objects that lie somewhere between art and design are characteristic of Carbonell’s conceptual oeuvre. His work and working method can be regarded as a kind of playful yet critical investigation into the reciprocal relationship that people have with objects and the (symbolic) significance they attach to them. Carbonell’s very outspoken and recognizable form language is typified by striking material choices and ongoing experiment. Themes such as ‘inspiration’, ‘evolution’ and ‘transience’ are central to his work, as is its interactive, governing and determinist nature. 

The designer presents the objects as organisms that are animated by interaction with the user. In addition to a sizeable new series, the exhibition will also display the installations Pump It Up, Evolution and Treechair : works that evoke associations with cocoons or nests, and which appear to be depictions of escapist fantasies.

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