Picture of a Collection

The collection of W.R.H. Koops in the Ploeg Pavilion

30 September 2006 to 25 January 2007

In the Ploeg Pavilion, the Groninger Museum presented a major exhibition which has the art collection of W.R.H. Koops as focus. Besides a number of important paintings by Jan Altink, Jo van Dijk, Johan Dijkstra, Jan Franken Pzn., Marten Klompien and Jan Van Der Zee, the Koops collection consists mainly of works on paper. The core of the collection is made up of drawings and prints by the most prominent De Ploeg members, including many unique works. This part of the collection draws its importance from the broader art historical perspective into which the work, by the Groninger Ploeg artists, is placed. The collection includes prints, in a similar artistic vein, by European Expressionists such as Erich Heckel, Ludwig Meidner, Otto Mueller, Ernst Barlach, Lyonel Feininger and Jozef Cantré.

  • Johan Dijkstra: L'Attente. Private collection