Wobbe Alkema. The Absolute, the Lucid

15 March 2009 to 14 June 2009

Wobbe Alkema (1900-1984) is a remarkable artist, who developed an individual, abstract mode of painting, almost completely autonomously. He stood out in the Groninger De Ploeg artists’ association in the 1920s, because he would have nothing to do with Expressionism. He found inspiration in other Constructivists in the Netherlands and in Belgium.

On show in the Groninger Museum was nearly all of Alkema’s early work. Also on show was work by De Stijl artists, and De Ploeg colleagues Werkman and Van der Zee. Affirmation of Alkema’s artistry was strongest in Belgium, where he was highly appreciated by the artists Josef Peeters and Felix De Boeck. Their work was also on show.

After having laid aside his paintbrush for fifteen years, Alkema once again took up painting, after WWII. Although less absolute in nature, his later work is still of an exceptionally individual quality.

  • Wobbe Alkema: Composition with verticle. Private collection