Young in Groningen

Art from the 1945 -1975 Period

27 June 2009 to 29 November 2009

The Groninger Museum presented an exhibition entitled Jong in Groningen- kunst uit de periode 1945 – 1975. This exhibition, curated by Prof Dr Henk van Os, sheds light on post-WWII art in Groningen.

The plethora of attention for the De Ploeg painters led to the work of the youthful postwar generation of artists becoming somewhat overlooked. Groningen, however, was a hotbed of artistic endeavour. At the time avant-garde even reigned supreme.

Young in Groningen showed the work of sixteen artists: Els Amman, Fie Werkman, Marten Klompien, Ruloff Manuputty, Karl Pelgrom, Coen Schilt, Han Jansen, Jan Hoving, Drewes de Wit, Matthijs Röling, Olga Wiese, Siep van den Berg, Jo van Dijk, Henri de Wolf, Edu Waskowsky, and Martin Tissing.

  • Siep van den Berg, Untitled. Private property