Groninger Museum Images Archive

Requests for photographs and any other visual material may only be made via mail or email. Requests must state clearly what the image(s) will be used for.

Contact details
Mail: Groninger Museum Images Archive, PO Box 90, 9700 ME Groningen


Commercial use:
•    Via email                .JPG, approx. 15x10 cm, 300 DPI:       € 30
•    Via WeTransfer       .TIFF, approx. A4, 300 DPI:               € 160

Non-commercial use (museums, archives, educational and academic publications):
•    Via email                .JPG, approx. 15x10 cm, 300 DPI:     € 15
•    Via WeTransfer       .TIFF, approx. A4, 300 DPI:               € 80

1.    All prices are exclusive of 6% VAT.
2.    The print run of a book may not exceed 10,000 copies.
3.    Any third-party charges (Pictoright etc.) are not included. Adherence to any other applicable rights are the sole responsibility of the image user.
4.    Visual material may be used one time only. For putting it to any other use, a new application is required.
5.    Third parties may not be provided with or be given access to the visual material.
6.    If any work is protected under copyright law, the user must acquire permission from the copyright holder for its reproduction. Users are required to do so of their own volition. The Groninger Museum may in no way be held responsible if any user foregoes acquiring the required permission.
7.    In any publications, the following information must be included: name of artist, title of work, the date, Groninger Museum Collection (if otherwise, this information will be provided) and, wherever known, the name of the photographer.
8.    A copy of any publications must be submitted to the Groninger Museum as proof of proper use.
9.    Delivery time for any visual material is approximately two weeks.