Israel Nash Gripka - Black Mountain

Musical Audio Tour 'Highlights from the Groninger Museum collection'

He’s a bit mysterious, Israel Nash Gripka, and not much more is known about him than that he grew up in the US Midwest and now lives in New York. His music is an exhilarating stew of country and rock. Pray For Rain, from his debut album New York Town, could have been written and sung by John Fogerty in his best Creedence Clearwater Revival days. His other songs have echoes of Richard Thompson, Gram Parsons and a young Bruce Springsteen. In the summer of 2010 he rented a farmhouse to record his second CD.

New York Town (2009)

Anselm Kiefer
Der Feldweg, 1975
60 x 43 cm

When asked to be a part of the Groninger Museum's new exhibit, i was sent a number of pictures of the various artworks that would be on display. Despite s great body of work to choose from, the boek Kiefer, Der Feldweg, is the piece that stood out to me. To me it seemed like a photo that had a song already written within it. The dark hills with one, vibrant and living tree hugging the landscape. In a lot of ways it represents the fine line between living and dying. The song I have written, Black Mountain, hopefully garners that theme and gives song to the visual work.