Joost van den Toorn: Something to believe in

11 June 2016 to 29 January 2017

In the semiregular Capita Selecta exhibition series, the museum displays a broad range of works from its own modern and contemporary art, fashion and design collections. This time, we devote special attention to the sculptor Joost van den Toorn (b. 1954, Amsterdam). In his own highly individual way, Van den Toorn tackles weighty subjects like violence, sex and religion with humour and irony, accompanied by a melancholy, romantic undertone.

  • Europa, 1997. Photo: Tom Haartsen
  • Last Supper Ashtray, 2014. Photo: Tom Haartsen
  • Where Eagles Dare, 1987
  • Church without Christ, 1992. Photo: Tom Haartsen
  • Slak, 2004. Photo: Tom Haartsen
  • Sit-down comedian, 2014. Photo: Tom Haartsen