Maarten Baas


  • Groninger Museum, MendiniRestaurant. Designer Maarten Baas. Photo: Peter Tahl © Groninger Museum
  • Groninger Museum, MendiniRestaurant. Designer Maarten Baas. Photo: Peter Tahl © Groninger Museum

Dutch designer Maarten Baas (19/02/1978) was born in Arnsberg, Germany but moved to The Netherlands in 1979 where he grew up. Upon graduating from high school in 1995 he began his studies at the prestigious Design Academy Eindhoven. Baas designed the candleholder Knuckle, which was taken into production by Pols’ Potten, while he was still studying. In 2000 he studied for several months at the Politecnico di Milano, in Milan.

In June 2002 he graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven with two concepts. One of them being the now famous and generally known Smoke series, for which Baas charred furniture and treated the torched skeletons with a coating, turning them into useable pieces of furniture again.

In 2005 Baas began collaborating with Bas den Herder, who is now responsible for the production and development of almost all of Maarten Baas’s designs. The founding of studio Baas & den Herder made it possible to further work out Maarten’s unique, handmade pieces and to produce them on a larger scale. This new collaboration also allows Baas to take on even more ambitious projects for hotels, restaurants, galleries, museums and private commissioners from all over the world.

During the Salone del Mobile in 2006 Maarten presented Clay Furniture, which was immediately recognized as the natural successor to Smoke and was ultimately one of the most surprising projects unveiled at the festival. In that same year the Design Museum in London displayed 18 pieces from the Clay collection. Besides the Design Museum, several other museums showed interest in Clay and the piece was taken into the collections of a.o. the Röhsska Museet Göteborg, the Groninger Museum en the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts,

Maarten Baas decorated the MendiniRestaurant at the Groninger Museum, which opened in November 2010. He was inspired by his Clay collection in which the furniture has a metal skeleton covered by industrial clay. For the MendiniRestaurant Maarten Baas designed some new models in style of the Clay collection. All pieces are handmade in Baas’ studio, due to the manual production method all the pieces are unique.