Mesdag's Friends

11 June 2016 to 18 September 2016

A lost watercolour, reunited with its original album after more than 80 years later: this is the story that gave rise to Mesdag’s Friends. The exhibition features all the works in the album, made up of 30 pages of watercolours and drawings given to the Groningen artist H.W. Mesdag and his wife by the artists’ society Hollandsche Teeken Maat¬schappij. Mesdag took out and framed one watercolour, by his famous great-nephew Sir Lawrence Alma Tadema. After being sold in 1919, it was lost – until now. 

  • Lourens Alma Tadema, Moederliefde, 1881, foto van: Marten de Leeuw
  • Jacob Maris, Dorpsgezicht met vissersschepen, 1881, foto van: Marten de Leeuw
  • Bernardus Johannes Blommers, Kinderkopje, 1881, foto van: Marten de Leeuw