New Studio and Discovery Space in the Info Center

Designed by Jaime Hayon

Are you creative and adventurous? Then our large and renovated studio with exciting discovery space is just the thing for you!

  • Discovery Space in the Info Center by Jaime Hayon
  • Discovery Space in the Info Center by Jaime Hayon

We Love Jaime Hayon!
Who else but Jaime Hayon would think of creating a studio design based on a jungle? And who else would incorporate an accident, with someone knocking over one of his vases, in the decoration of a new vase? Jaime Hayon is the Spanish top designer who created the Info Center in 2010. In 2015, he developed a total package containing the versatile studio and the discovery space as well as room for creativity, curiosity and the electronic quest for information about the collection and the building.

Never a Dull Moment at the Discovery Space
The discovery space is bursting with cabinets and drawers to browse through. You can even work with artefacts yourself. Touch a real work of art, for instance, playing ‘Prohibited NOT to Touch’; play ‘Flexible like an Artist’ and make your own work of art, or play ‘Style Stacking‘ to discover all kinds of stylistic differences between painters.  

DIY in the Studio
The design of the studio features referrals to the jungle. You will recognize mask-like motifs and a large work bench that looks like a snake. This is the place to be creative and to explore all kinds of materials.   
During the week, the studio is available to school groups. On Saturdays and Sundays, workshops (from 12 to 5 p.m.) are open to all creative visitors, who will be welcomed and, if necessary, assisted by teachers associated with the museum. Workshops are also organized during school holidays.
In addition, the studio is used for special receptions, presentations, lectures and small-scale performances.

The 2015 extension of the Info Center was made possible by the bequest Quirijn and Ina de Marees van Swinderen-de Blocq van Scheltinga.