New website

15 December 2010

Not only has the Groninger Museum been revitalised – the Groninger Museum website has also been completely renewed! Six years ago today, major changes last took place at, and due to the rapid technological developments in recent years it’s now time to take the website to another level.

Look & Feel
The renewed website should convey the look & feel of the Museum online. The illustrations and graphic material are higher quality and the new website navigation – 'visit', 'explore', 'learn' and 'shop' – is meant to underscore the experience. Have you already noticed the colours tranquilly transforming? The website is ever-changing.  
The new lay-out
The new way of navigating is meant to provide a more intuitive way of learning about what the Museum has to offer. A brief summary is given below of what you may expect to find under various headings.  

The ‘Visit’ section has everything you need to know for your visit to the Groninger Museum: general visitor information, including tours, activities, and receptions.

The ‘Explore’ section will introduce you to the Museum’s many facets: exhibitions, the various collections, the building, activities, the Museum Magazine, and the GMcollector.

The ‘Learn’ describes the activities of the Education and Public Information department, but also includes information about the collections, the building, the GMcollector, the JuniorClub, and the Info Center.

The ‘Shop’ section is where the Museum Webshop can be found, as well as information about books, hiring rooms, the Museum Magazine, online tickets, and the gift card.

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The new Groninger Museum website has a fresh online associate – the GMcollector website. The GMcollector is a system where a special key fob is used to collect information about a work of art or object on display. This is then stored in your own personal library.

Social Media
The year 2010 saw the introduction of various social media to spread information about the Groninger Museum and its activities. The Museum began twittering and has clips online on YouTube and Vimeo. The new website has yet more innovation in store: information can now flow both ways. The home page has our latest tweets (Twitter messages) and some pages have videos to view.
Small icons of the social media the Museum is involved in can be found at the bottom of each web page.   

Questions & Comments
Do you have any questions or comments concerning the new website? Please email them to

Rudo Menge and Martijn Halie of Menge ontwerp and Studio Pek & Veren (concept & design).
Sybolt Ettema, Paul van Dam, Maarten van Maarschalkerweerd, Seb van Deursen and the developers of Zicht online (concept, interaction & technology).
Annetje de Boo and Niels Kim of the Groninger Museum (concept & content).
IJsfontein (GMcollector).

We would like to thank the Groninger Museum staff, the Friends of the Groninger Museum Association (Vrienden van het Groninger Museum), the De Ploeg Foundation (Stichting de Ploeg) and all sponsors and funding parties.

More information
Annetje de Boo ( and Niels Kim (