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Hiring Groninger Museum Rooms: Receptions Amidst Art

The Groninger Museum is a wonderful location for welcoming guests to meetings, business engagements, drinks, parties, or dinners. Surrounded by unique pieces of art and in marvellous rooms, first-rate hospitality takes on new meaning.
Receiving guests at the Groninger Museum will provide them with both entertainment and inspiration. It combines the opportunity to wander between works of art with hospitality in a beautifully designed environment.
The Groninger Museum is ideally located in the city centre – it sits on an island in the canal bordering Groningen’s central train station.  

The building is colourful and its post-modern architecture is a work of art in itself. The rooms’ design provides them with a unique atmosphere which will surprise and inspire your business associates. We cater to various tastes and styles at the Groninger Museum. The catering is in the capable hands of the MendiniRestaurant. The exquisite Italian and Mediterranean cuisine guarantees quality, fresh produce, and excellent taste.

Contact Details
If you would like to know more, please contact the Receptions & Marketing coordinator, Ademiek Gerritsma, tel. 050 3666 555 or at agerritsma@groningermuseum.nl.


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Visiting the Groninger Museum is a unique experience.

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