Cha Cha. The Phenomenon Heman Brood

16 May 2006

The exhibition Cha Cha. The Phenomenon Herman Brood will be on show in the blue hall of the Groninger Museum from 5 November 2006 to 28 January 2007. Herman Brood (1946-2001) would have been sixty years old on 5 November 2006. To mark the occasion, the film Wild Romance, which covers the life of Brood in Groningen, will enjoy its première on Saturday 4 November.

The exhibition displays the artist’s studio, the place where Brood created many of his paintings, composed music, wrote texts, and where his unconventional lifestyle had free rein. The studio, situated on the Spuistraat in Amsterdam, has remained largely untouched since Brood’s death and a copy of this location will be completely rebuilt in the blue hall of the Ploeg Pavilion of the Groninger Museum. At the same time, a small selection of this paintings and drawings will give an idea of his artistic talent.

Photographs of Herman Brood, made by Anton Corbijn from the seventies onward, will be shown in the area adjoining the blue hall.

With this exhibition, the Groninger Museum focuses attention on the divergent aspects of Herman Brood’s personality, both in terms of his artistic qualities and his passion for rock ‘n’ roll.

Groninger Forum
The exhibition Cha Cha. The Phenomenon Herman Brood has been organized in the context of the Groninger Forum. The partners in the Groninger Forum are: The Groninger Museum, the Public Library, and film theatre Images. The Groninger Forum co-operates with institutions and organizations that are engaged in Groningen’s past and present, the provision of information, education, culture, and debate. There has been substantial co-operation with the Groninger Archives, among others, in the framework of this exhibition and various activities have been set up around Herman Brood in conjunction with diverse organizations.

Note for the editor
Exhibitiondesign: Vincent de Pater. Compilation of the exhibition: Han Steenbruggen, Alma Burema.
For additional information, please consult: Josee Selbach,, +31 (0)50-3666555,