Diaghilev Festival great success

30 January 2005

The international Diaghilev Festival in Groningen, held from 25 to 30 January 2005, has just come to a close. Around 1500 artists from home and abroad arrived in Groningen to participate in the festival.

Many national and international visitors and a great many people from the northern provinces attended this extraordinary event. The larger Groningen theatres accommodated many performances, consisting of dance (23), concerts (7), lectures (8), films (16), and operas (6). A total of around 19,000 tickets were sold. The average auditorium occupancy was 87 per cent.

During the Festival, around 10,000 people visited the Working for Diaghilev exhibition in the Groninger Museum. This exhibition will run until 28 March 2005.

In the main, the performances were very positively received by the media: ‘Once perverse, now strikingly beautiful’ (Volkskrant, Mirjam van der Linden), ‘Scintillating Russian dance at the Diaghilev Festival’ (NRC, Isabella Lanz), ‘Russian music with power and allure’ (Dagblad van het Noorden, Paul Herruer).

The Board of Trustees of the Diaghilev Festival wishes to thank all the sponsors, participants, all the staff and volunteers, and the general public for their contribution to this successful Diaghilev Festival.

For additional information: Alexandra Blikman, tel. +31 (0)50-3666555, or email: ablikman@groningermuseum.nl