Gestures in paint

15 May 2007

From 9 June to 26 August 2007, the Groninger Museum will present the exhibition entitled Gebaren van Verf (Gestures in Paint) The starting point of this exhibition is the use of painting materials and their decisive significance in the creation of paintings. The artists whose work is shown in this exhibition are: Günther Borst, Jan Cremer, Jolanda van Gennip, Vincent Hamel, Jerry Keizer, Toon Laurense, Janus Metsaars, Eric de Nie, Albert Oost, Vittorio Roerade, Jan Snijder, Daniël Verkerk and Harry Wolfkamp.

The interest in paint manifests itself in different ways among the thirteen artists whose work is on display. It is expressed in its most extreme form in clearly recognizable and comprehensible painterly gestures in which intuition and improvisation play an important role. All exhibitors are deeply concerned with the behaviour of their materials and, in their dialogues with their paints, they have developed a visual language that directly emanates from their technique. Accordingly, the exhibition does not show paintings with a communicative anecdotal and predetermined image, but rather painting that concentrates on the distinguishing characteristics of the discipline.

All the artists on display draw upon their expertise, their thorough knowledge of materials, and upon the traditions of expressionism, informal painting and fundamental painting. Their works demonstrate that a (relatively) loose handling of materials can result in divergent but also extremely personal images, and can also unite artists of very different mentalities. The work presented displays an entire spectrum, from reserved and tranquil to raging and expressive art.

Note for the editor
Curator: Han Steenbruggen
For more information, please contact: Josee Selbach,, +31 (0)50-3666555, Roel van Venrooij,,

Hours of opening: Tuesday to Sunday and on public holidays, from 10.00-17.00. Open on Monday afternoons in July and August, from 13.00-17.00. Closed on all other Mondays and on 25 December and 1 January.