One million for Groninger Museum

25 February 2010

The City of Groningen contributes one million euros for the revitalization of the Groninger Museum. The Groninger Museum is delighted that the City assumes its responsibility as owner of the premises.

Since the opening in 1994, a total of 3,732,000 visitors have paid a visit to the Groninger Museum. However, on account of this overwhelming success the building is now due for a revitalization. The ambition to carry it out is great and the plans allow for two successive stages.

First stage
The Museum's revitalization plan is based on three pillars:
* Innovation: a modern info centre and reception rooms.
* Improvement of the building.
* Maintenance and restoration: the golden tower will regain its lustre and the pavilions their colours, while damp floors will be repaired.

Buro Mendini will advise the Museum on all these aspects.
Three designers have been invited to refit the new rooms. The info centre will be designed by Jaime Hayon and the reception space will be designed by Studio Job. The café/restaurant will be refitted by the designer Maarten Baas.
The execution of the first stage has been planned for 12 April to 17 December 2010.

Second stage
The desired extension in the form of a new passage across the inner piazza of the Mendini pavilion to the central hall is part of stage two. To realize this extension, official procedures in terms of building plans will need to be followed.

The urgency of this plan is high - not merely as technical maintenance is unavoidable, but also because quality-wise the Museum must continue to compete with top museums in this country and in Western Europe. For this project, the Groninger Museum works in close conjunction with the City of Groningen, the largest subsidizer but at the same time the owner of the premises. The City has assumed its responsibility and stands surety for the technical project management as well as for part of the costs, estimated at a total of € 5.7 m.

Now in the Old Groninger Museum
During the temporary closure of the Groninger Museum due to renovation, the Museum organizes the exhibition Now In the Old Groninger Museum! 100 years of collecting: 1894-1994, from 30 May to 5 September 2010. Academie Minerva, the former building of the Groninger Museum in Praediniussingel, Groningen, will then be host to this exhibition.

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