P. Struycken. Digital Paradise

22 June 2007

This autumn, from 23 September to 2 December 2007, the Groninger Museum will organize a large-scale exhibition of the work of Peter Struycken, one of the most important Dutch post-war artists. It will display drawings, paintings, a sculpture, illuminations, textile work, and an installation. In addition, there are also panorama photos of Struycken’s monumental work shot by Carel Struycken.

The emphasis of the exhibition will lie on the interaction between Struycken’s autonomous work and his commissioned work. The Museum will display Struycken’s assignment-based projects by means of interactive spherical panorama photos, including the illuminated work for the Nederlands Architectuur Instituut (Netherlands Architecture Institute) in Rotterdam, the ball structure in the hall of Aegon’s head office, the parking lot under the Mandela Bridge in Arnhem, and the tiling of a private swimming pool. These projects are linked to autonomous work from various periods in Struycken’s career. For the occasion, Struycken will create an installation based on a musical excerpt by Pierre Boulez in the Coop Himmelb(l)au pavilion.

The Groninger Museum has enjoyed a special bond with Peter Struycken for decades. The Museum first bought one of his paintings in 1965, and has followed his development closely ever since. Of all the museums in the Netherlands, the Groninger Museum has the widest and most varied Struycken collection.

In 1995, commissioned by erstwhile Museum director Frans Haks, Struycken developed a colour palette for the interior walls of the Museum.

To accompany the exhibition, a comprehensive monograph on Struycken’s oeuvre will be published in conjunction with NAi Publishers. Order here.

Guest curators
The guest curators of the exhibition are Carel Blotkamp and Jonneke Jobse.

For more information, please contact: Josee Selbach, +31 (0)50-3666555, jselbach@groningermuseum.nl, Roel van Venrooij, +31 (0)50 3666555, rvanvenrooij@groningermuseum.nl