Young in Groningen. Art from the period 1945-1975

13 March 2009

From 27 June to 29 November 2009, the Groninger Museum will present the exhibition entitled Jong in Groningen- Kunst uit de periode 1945-1975. This exhibition has been compiled by Henk van Os, former director of the Rijks Museum in Amsterdam, and focuses on post-war art in Groningen. The exhibition will display work by sixteen artists, of whom only five are still alive: Els Amman, Siep van den Berg, Jo van Dijk, Jan Hoving, Han Jansen, Marten Klompien, Ruloff Manuputty, Karl Pelgrom, Matthijs Röling, Coen Schilt, Martin Tissing, Edu Waskowsky, Fie Werkman, Olga Wiese, Drewes de Wit, and Henri de Wolf.

The abundance of interest in the painters of De Ploeg led to a situation in which the art of the generation of artists who were young just after WWII has remained underexposed. This exhibition gives a picture of the quality and diversity of young art in the period just after the war. Many people are familiar with Werkman’s printings, but few people know that his daughter Fie was also a fascinating artist.

In 1965 a spectacular exhibition was held, showing the work of Henri de Wolf, Martin Tissing, Jo van Dijk and Edu Waskowsky in the Groninger Museum. The artists arrived in a silver open-welded Citroen, from which an abstracted gas bubble arose. In Groningen, an avant-garde atmosphere predominated in those days. At the same time, Matthijs Röling gave a new impulse to the figurative tradition and painted genuinely splendid works. In those days there was so much going on in Groningen that is certainly worthwhile recalling.

The exhibition Jong in Groningen – kunst uit de periode 1945-1975 displays coherent groups of works by the artists mentioned. Only now is it evident just how varied art from that period was: from figurative to abstract, from ‘environment’ to land-art, and from minimalist to lyrical-abstract art. The exhibition includes drawings, sculptures, paintings and photography.

A richly illustrated catalogue will appear to accompany this exhibition: Jong in Groningen. Kunst uit de periode 1945-1975. De keuze van Henk van Os. Publisher: NAi Publishers. Designed by Bregt Balk. Bound, illustrated (colour and black-and-white), 112 pp. ISBN 978-90-5662-685-3, Prices € 19.50.

Documentary on Jong in Groningen
From 26 June to 29 November 2009, the Groninger Museum will show the documentary Jong in Groningen- Henk van Os over zijn tijdgenoten (Young in Groningen. Henk van Os on his contemporaries). This documentary was made by the Groningen ‘Stichting Beeldlijn’. In the film, the director Buddy Hermans, in conjunction with Henk van Os, makes use of recollections to sketch a picture of the diversity of artistic currents in Groningen. The documentary also presents recordings of artists such as Siep van den Berg, Jan Loman, Henri de Wolf and Han Jansen, while devoting attention to the figurative painting of Matthijs Röling and Olga Wiese.


Ploeg Day
The Ploeg Day will be organized in the Groninger Museum on Sunday 28 June 2009, for the sixth time. The Ploeg Day is entirely devoted to post-war art in Groningen. During this day, many activities will be held especially for visitors, including assessments, join-in guided tours, music, documentaries produced by ‘Stichting Beeldlijn’ on post-war artists in Groningen, and lectures. At the same time, the Ploeg Year Book 2008 will be presented.

Old Groningen Churches Foundation
2009 marks the 40th anniversary of the Old Groningen Churches Foundation. On 27 June 2009, this foundation celebrates the occasion with the festival entitled Back to the beginning. The festival is oriented to Jong in Groningen. The founding of the Old Groningen Churches Foundation in 1969 and the attention paid to Groningen artists ‘of the sixties’ are important themes of the programme. The programme of the festival consists of music, theatre, literature, lectures, visual art and dance.

CBK Groningen
CBK (Art Centre) Groningen has a large collection of works dating from the period 1945-1975. A choice from this collection can be seen in the Jong in Groningen exhibition. The complete collection consists of 75 works and has been given to the Groninger Museum on long-term loan.

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