Four countries, one concert

7 november 2012

The Groninger Museum and the Prins Claus Conservatory of Music are currently engaged in preparing the exhibition entitled Nordic Art 1880-1920. Students in the NAIP Ensemble (New Audiences and Innovative Practice) have taken inspiration from the artworks on display in the exhibition. The composition and performance of this exceptional musical creation is taking place under the leadership Guy Wood, the renowned composer from London. The students from Groningen will play at the opening of the exhibition to an audience consisting of NAIP students in Norway, Iceland and Sweden via a livestream connection. In February, they will play this piece in the Groningen Museum once again. That evening will be open to the general public.

The Het NAIP Ensemble consists of a group of international students who are currently studying for a Master’s degree in music. They are creating an interactive musical performance for the exhibition, orchestrating elements from Scandinavian landscapes, paintings, stories and sounds. The co-operation with NAIP students in Iceland, Sweden and Norway is aimed at realizing an authentic Scandinavian experience.

Nordic Art 1880 – 1920
The exhibition Nordic Art 1880 – 1920 is a tribute to the people and cultures of the Nordic countries, and provides an overview of 19th and 20th-century North-European painting. The splendid landscapes, portraits and scenes from everyday rural life show the similarities and differences between the Nordic countries. The exhibition focuses on the period in which movements such as realism, naturalism and more diverse styles such as symbolism and the then-evolving modernism co-existed.

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This exceptional project has been made possible by financial support from GasTerra.

The Nordic Art 1880-1920 exhibition has also been made possible by support from:
Subsidizers: Municipality of Groningen, Province of Groningen.
Main sponsor: Gasunie and GasTerra Fund Management Foundation for Cultural Relations Events.
Sponsors: Arts & Humanities Research Council, AON, SRC – Cultural Holidays.
Donor: BankGiro Lottery.
Media partner: Dagblad van het Noorden.

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