Gabriel Lester’s Aeon trilogy to premiere at Groninger Museum

6 juni 2017

The Groninger Museum will premiere the artist-filmmaker Gabriel Lester’s new three-part video installation Aeon in full. Lester has completed the work specially for a solo exhibition at the museum, The Return of Lester’s Loops, on view from Saturday 10 June.

Gabriel Lester (b. 1972) transforms the Groninger Museum’s Coop Himmelb(l)au Pavilion into a unique spatial experience with Ripples, a large-scale installation made up of cylindrical elements. The cylinders contrast strikingly with the architecture of the pavilion, where no wall is at a right angle, windows occur in unexpected places, and the ceiling appears tilted. The installation’s sheer, rounded walls are echoed in one of the three videos, in which a person drives a car around the inside of a cylinder. The installation as a whole comprises a scenography of spaces that echo the videos and the surrounding architecture. The visitor experiences the environment in a series of ways, again and again, so that a feeling of déjà vu arises. 

The driver of the vehicle plays the starring role in each of the three videos. Lester brings the viewer inside these people’s heads, revealing their hopes, dreams, expectations, and thoughts on the fate of humanity. 

About the artist
Gabriel Lester makes architectural installations, performances and videos in which time, space and memory play central roles. He often invites the viewer to actively participate in a work, deploying familiar devices such as film sets, cinematic frames, and optical illusions. His work has been exhibited at events including Documenta 13 and the 2014 Venice Biennale. Lester grew up in the village of Pieterburen, near Groningen, and lives and works in Amsterdam.

Gabriel Lester: The Return of Lester’s Loops will remain on view through 29 October 2017.

Note to the editor
You are invited to preview the exhibition on Friday 9 June. 
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