Major exhibition to survey northern Romantic painting

20th of February 2017

The Groninger Museum will unveil Romanticism in the North: From Friedrich to Turner, the first international exhibition devoted to northern European Romantic landscape painting, in December 2017. With this major show, the museum continues a successful run of programming focused on 19th-century subjects. Also this year, the museum will host a major design exhibition featuring the work of Maarten Baas and showcase treasures from Groningen’s artistic and historical past.

Romanticism in the North is the first multi-country exhibition devoted to Northern European landscape painting. It will include works from the Netherlands, Germany, Scandinavia and Britain, by artists ranging from J.M.W. Turner to Caspar David Friedrich. The paintings address subjects as diverse as travel, the power of nature, and spirituality.

Hide & Seek, Maarten Baas: Through 24 September 2017
The Groninger Museum is proud to present the first major solo exhibition of the work of the designer Maarten Baas (b. 1978, Arnsberg). Baas’ designs straddle the boundary between art and design and are known for their conceptual, humorous, rebellious, theatrical character. Alongside series like Clay and Smoke, which won Baas international fame, the exhibition includes recent pieces like Tree Trunk Chair and Carapace and the newer May I Have Your Attention Please? The eight-video work Hide & Seek makes its world premiere at this exhibition. 

Wealth in Groningen: Borgs and City Palaces, 1600–1800: 27 May–12 November 2017
In the 17th and 18th centuries, prominent Groningen families lived in urban palaces and borgs (a local term for country houses). Most of these houses are long gone, but we can get a sense of their opulence from preserved illustrations, architectural fragments and household goods. Their occupants expressed their rivalry through the display of wealth, and artists, silversmiths, furniture makers, woodcutters and glass painters crafted innumerable unique objects for them. Wealth in Groningen brings together some of Groningen’s most precious treasures.

Ruud Venekamp: 21 April–10 September 2017
The artist Ruud Venekamp (b. 1957, Meppel) occupies himself with the classic considerations of the modern painter. He regards the relationship between tradition and innovation as interesting yet problematic. This exhibition will comprise large abstract paintings depicting plant structures.

Gabriel Lester: 10 June–29 October 2017
The artist, director and writer Gabriel Lester (b. 1972, Amsterdam) is best known for his installations, performances and films. Lester studied fine art as well as filmmaking, and narrative, time and space typically play prominent roles in his work. His art invites the active participation of the viewer. Lester often deploys elements such as sets, frames, and backstage areas and makes use of optical illusions.

The World at Home: 17 June 2017– 2 september 2018
In 17th and 18th centuries, the Netherlands played a pivotal role in introducing Asia to Europeans. Next summer’s The World at Home will show how Asian influences – in the form of Chinese and Japanese porcelain, Japanese lacquerwork, and Indian chintz (hand-painted fabric) – enriched Dutch interiors.

500 Years of Reformation in Groningen: 23 September 2017–7 January 2018
Martin Luther's criticisms of the Roman Catholic Church in 1517 sparked the beginning of the Reformation. A period of religious struggle, riots, war and persecution followed, resulting in different Protestant churches. Groningen became definitively Calvinist in 1594. 500 Years of Reformation in Groningen will feature silver objects, antique Bibles, and portraits of famous preachers from the early years of the Reformation churches.

Albarta ten Oever (1772–1854): A Woman in Art: 14 October 2017–4 March 2018
Albarta ten Oever was one of Groningen’s few female 18th-century artists. A Woman in Art will showcase more than 20 paintings, watercolours and drawings by this skilful artist.

Now on at the Groninger Museum
The popular Rodin - Genius at Work will remain on view through 30 April 2017. The museum has already welcomed more than 90,000 visitors to the exhibition. And there’s still time to see our display of Ruloff Manuputty’s unique paintings and drawings. Finally, The Collection, featuring masterpieces by artists including Peter Paul Rubens, Vincent van Gogh and Alessandro Mendini, is on view in the De Ploeg Pavilion. 

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