Winter of Romanticism at the Groninger Museum

16 oktober 2017

The Groninger Museum’s big winter exhibition, Romanticism in the North: From Friedrich to Turner, opens on 9 December. The first international survey exhibition of northern European Romantic landscape painting, it features works by artists ranging from J.M.W. Turner to Caspar David Friedrich. The paintings address subjects as diverse as travel, the power of nature, and spirituality. 

Landscape painting flowered in the Romantic era (ca. 1800–1850) thanks to artists like J.M.W. Turner in England, Caspar David Friedrich in Germany and Johan Christian Dahl in Norway. Not only does their work still speak to the imagination today, a new sensibility that developed during the period went on to shape modern art. Along with looking carefully at the world around them, painters began turning their gaze inward as well. The landscapes they painted are as varied and changeable as human emotion. Their depictions of nature provide a spiritual as well as a historical experience. 

The exhibition was compiled by guest curator David Jackson, director Andreas Blühm and curator Ruud Schenk. Romanticism in the North: From Friedrich to Turner runs from 9 December 2017 through 6 May 2018.

Romanticism Today
Fans of contemporary romanticism, fantasy and illusion won’t want to miss the parallel exhibition, Romanticism Today. A selection from the Groninger Museum’s collections of modern art, fashion and design takes visitors on a thrilling journey from the work of Studio Job, Teun Hocks and Maarten Baas to the pretty   white dresses of fashion designers Viktor & Rolf. An artificial-reality landscape puts visitors in the middle of nature, surrounded by landscapes that vary from charming to menacing and mysterious. Romanticism Today opens on 14 October 2017 in anticipation of Romanticism in the North and runs through 2 April 2018. 

  • Knud Baade, Scene from the Era of Norwegian Sagas