Willard Grant Conspiracy - The Gathering

Musical Audio Tour 'Highlights from the Groninger Museum collecion'

Willard Grant Conspiracy is an alternative country band that was founded in 1995 in Boston by Robert Fisher and Paul Austin. These days, the band operates as a collective with only singer Robert Fisher in the permanent line up. Fisher lives in the desert near Los Angeles. Among the people he has formerly worked with is Kristin Hersh. Fisher’s voice and Americana style can be compared to John Cale and Johnny Cash. Nearly all his songs are acoustic. Fisher, who often performs in Europe including in Groningen, recorded his contribution in the Ploeg Pavilion.

Flying Low (1998)
Mojave (1999)
The Green, Green Grass Of Slovenia (2000)
Everything’s Fine (2000)
Regard The End (2003)
There But for The Grace Of God (2004)
Let it Roll (2006)
Pilgrim Road (2008)
Papers Cover Stone (2009)


Johan Dijkstra
Chez Dicque, 1926
woodcut print, 37.3 x 50 cm

I imagine the sort of conversation being had in the paintins is much the same as one that has gone on in cafes between artists forever.. plans for the future and plans to leave a mark on the future. It is the progressive cycle of nature and history.