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Frequently Asked Questions about Tickets

Buying tickets

You can book your tickets online via our ticket shop (or buy them at the cashiers desk in the museum). By purchasing a ticket online in advance, you are guaranteed admittance during your chosen time slot. After your purchase, the tickets will be sent to your email.

You can pay by credit card (MasterCard, Visa & American Express), PayPal or iDEAL.

Yes, if there are timeslot available. To guarantee your access, buy your ticket online via our ticket shop.

No. Tickets are only available online.

Yes, you can scan your ticket from your smartphone.

Yes, the scanner is able to do this.

This isn’t possible right now, unfortunately. We are working to find a solution.

Yes. In order for us to manage visitor flows, everyone wishing to visit the museum needs to buy a ticket online for a specific entry time.

Book your ticket online. You will be able to indicate which discount card you have and obtain a free ticket for a specific entry time.

Please note that you are required to bring your discount card or membership card with you to the museum. We are unable to accept a copy on your phone or a printout. We cannot admit you without your physical card.

Your entry time is shown on your ticket. It is a 30-minute time slot. For example, if you chose a 10.00–10.30am slot, we will expect you in the museum’s entrance hall between 10am and 10.30am. Once you’ve been admitted, you’re welcome to stay as long as you like. This system is designed to prevent the entrance hall from becoming too crowded, but if it does, we’ll ask you to wait outside for a bit.

Your ticket’s validity is shown on the ticket, along with your name and the time slot when we expect you to arrive. Please make sure to be on time.

I have a problem …

We know that sometimes circumstances beyond your control can affect your arrival. However, if you come at a time other than that shown on your ticket, we cannot guarantee entry.

Only if they have a valid ticket. You may be able to buy them a ticket online for the same entry slot.

No, tickets purchased online cannot be exchanged or refunded.

If you or someone in your household has symptoms of illness or feels unwell on the day of your visit, contact us on +31 (0)50 3666555 or
We can be reached from 9am to 5pm on weekdays and 10am to 5pm on weekends.

Unfortunately it is not possible to get a refund when a mistake was made in the online order.

On most smartphones, a PDF document will open when you click on it. If you’re unable to open your ticket, make sure Adobe Reader is installed on your PC or phone. You can download it for free at and use it to open and print PDFs, such as museum tickets.

You can scan your ticket from your smartphone.

If you still want to print it, make sure Adobe Reader is installed on your PC. You can download it for free at and use it to open and print PDFs, such as museum tickets.

Still having trouble? Try a different browser (e.g., Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer).

Also check to make sure:

- Your pop-up blocker is off.

- Your printer is plugged in, connected, switched on, and not out of paper.

- The printer’s ink cartridges (black-and-white and colour) aren’t empty and are working properly. If you're not sure, print a test page, like an email or photo.

Restarting your computer might also help.

Otherwise, ask someone else to print your tickets for you.

No, sorry.

There are a few things you can do:

- Check your spam or junk email folder for the email containing your tickets. Gmail often sends emails of this type to the spam folder.

- There could be a typo in your email address. Contact and we will correct it if necessary and resend your tickets.

- Outgoing emails can be subject to various delays. Try waiting for a bit and checking your inbox again.

This can happen for various reasons:

- Check again to make sure you've filled in all the details correctly.

- Have you ticked the box “I agree with the general terms and conditions”?

- If you're paying by credit card, make sure you’ve filled in the CVC code.

- Trying a different browser may help.

- Is your balance insufficient, or is your credit card company declining payment? Try again, perhaps with a different card.

To prevent duplicate charges, check whether payment has gone through before trying again.

If you haven't received your tickets, email Include your name, phone number, the type of tickets, and the ticket date, and please attach a copy of your bank statement.

Yes, each online ticket is valid for a single admission only and must be scanned individually. But you can do this from your phone, so you don’t need to print it.

The most important parts of your ticket are the barcode and barcode number. If they are legible, you will be able to use the tickets. You can also scan them from your phone.

If you’re printing your tickets, before you leave home, make sure the ink hasn’t bled into the white spaces between the lines in the barcode. If it has, print the ticket again.

You can also scan your ticket from your smartphone.

Every online ticket has a unique barcode that you need to scan to get in. Each ticket’s code can be scanned just once. After that, neither the ticket nor a copy of it can be used again. If the code hasn’t been scanned, you can still use the ticket.

No, museums can’t accept copies of these cards. The rules for the Museumkaart and VriendenLoterij VIP card require us to see and scan your actual card.

Yes, but the companion needs to book for the same time slot so we know exactly how many people are inside the museum. You can book them a free ticket in the ticket shop by selecting the option “I already have a ticket”.

No, sorry.

Yes. You can do this on in the ticket shop by selecting the option “I have a 25% discount” or “I already have a ticket”.

The cashier will ask to see your voucher or discount email.

If you have a question that isn’t covered here, email or phone +31 (0)50 3666555.