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The Groninger Museum is extrovert, quirky and colourful. Its high-quality collections and presentations constitute the foundations upon which the connections between visitors and the museum and visitors amongst themselves are strengthened. The Groninger Museum therefore aims to amaze an audience as broad as possible, prompt to form an opinion, and invite frequent and diverse use.

Andreas Blühm (general director)
Esther Moesker (managing director)

Nadia Abdelkaui (De Ploeg and Groningen Art from 1850)
Egge Knol (Archaeology, History & Old Regional Arts and Crafts)
Ruud Schenk (Contemporary Art)
Mark Wilson (Head Curator)

Heads of department
Sietse Bijsterveld (Security)
Sander Daams (Education & Public information)
Henk Jelijs (Facility Services / Head of Technical Department)
Geert Slagter (Controller)
Karina Smrkovsky (Communications/PR/Marketing)
Marlon Steensma (Collections)

Ingrid Blondeau (Human Resource Manager)
Annetje de Boo (Online Communications)
Willemien Bouwers (Communications/PR)
Rob Dijkstra (Info Center)
Ademiek Gerritsma (Events & Marketing)
Saskia van Hijum (Events)
Geertje de Groot (Education)

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Concept & art direction


Concept & design
Rudo Menge

Studio Pek & Veren

Interaction and development

Annetje de Boo


The Board of Trustees of the Stichting Groninger Museum voor Stad en Lande (Groninger City and Country Museum Foundation) consists of the following individuals:

Mr Johan Remkes (chair, audit committee and remuneration committee)

Additional positions:

- Chair, Board of Trustees, University of Groningen

- Chair, Advies en Arbitragecommissie Rijksdienst (Advisory and Arbitration Committee for the Civil Service)

- Chair, Forum voor Stedelijke Vernieuwing (Forum for Urban Renewal)

- Chair, board of trustees, Verwey-Jonker Instituut (Verwey-Jonker Institute)

- Member, College Bodemdaling Groningen (Groningen Subsidence Board)

- Chair, board of commissioners, Stichting Waarborgfonds Eigen Woningen (Homeownership Guarantee Fund)

- Chair, board of commissioners, Portaal housing corporation, Utrecht

Ms Cathy Jager (superintendent)

Head of the office of collections and exhibitions, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Programme manager, 4Huisbureau Collectiecentrum Nederland, Amersfoort

Additional position:

- Member, board of trustees, Museum Speelklok (Musical Clock Museum), Utrecht

Ms Agnes Koops (member, audit committee)

- Member, Board of Management, PWC Nederland N.V.

- Chair of the Board, PwC Accountants N.V.


Mr Sander Prinsen (member, remuneration committee)

Move Fast Ventures

Prof Elmer Sterken (member, audit committee)

Professor of monetary economics, University of Groningen;

Special advisor to the board, University of Groningen

Additional positions:

- Chair, Supervisory Board, University of Humanistic Studies

- Chair of the board, Qanu

- Chair of the board, Stichting Socrates (Socrates Foundation)

- Secretary/treasurer, Nicolaas Mulerius Foundation

Ms Nathalie de Vries

Director/owner, MVRDV architecture and urbanism practice, Rotterdam

Professor of architecture, Kunstakademie Düsseldorf (Düsseldorf Art Academy)

City architect for Groningen

Additional positions:

- Chair, Royal Institute of Dutch Architects

- Member, board of trustees, Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art, Rotterdam

- Member, strategic panel, High Speed 2, London

Ms Charlotte Wekker (superintendent)

Lecturer in social studies, Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen

Strategic policy advisor on inclusion and diversity to the Board of Hanze University of Applied Sciences

Advisor to the municipality of Westerkwartier

Remuneration policy

The offices of the chair and members of the Board of Trustees are unpaid positions. The chair and members receive a compensation for expenses incurred.

Management salaries are in proportion to the size of the organisation and the nature of the duties. The Groninger Museum adheres to the collective labour agreement for museums.

Exhibition and project proposals

The Groninger Museum’s exhibition programme is devised and confirmed by the museum’s curatorial team and is based solely on invitations. The exhibition programme is planned up to approximately two years in advance.

The museum’s curatorial team follows actively both the Dutch and the international contemporary art field, but we do also accept exhibition and project proposals, which can be sent to the following address: (by e-mail only!). Your proposal should identify and provide a rationale for the exhibition concept or theme (1 page) and at most 6 images (.jpeg, 300 dpi, max 1 MB). For video art works, we ask you to include a link to the video file.

Since our exhibition programme is by invitation only, we do not give feedback on proposals sent to us. If your proposal has been successful, the museum’s curatorial team will contact you directly.