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Groninger Museum Salon

Get talking to the director of the museum, curators, artists, designers, and to each other and support the Groninger Museum by becoming a benefactor and member of the Groninger Museum Salon Association.

Groninger Museum Salon
Groninger Museum Salon © Groninger Museum Salon

What is a Salon?

In the 18th century small, interested crowds consisting of for example scholars, art aficionados, and philosophers gathered to discuss a new book, admire a new art work, or get to know a travelling philosopher. The Groninger Museum Salon invites you to get to talk to the museum’s director and curators, to artists, designers, thinkers, and to each other.

The ever remarkable Groninger Museum offers an inspiring environment and interesting people to talk to. You are granted exclusive admission to exhibitions, a preview for example, or a unique glimpse behind the scenes. We show you surprising, new, and rarely displayed art pieces. You meet artists from home and abroad who gladly tell you about their work.

Support the Groninger Museum with €2,500,-- a year by becoming a benefactor of the Groninger Museum Salon Foundation and, in addition, become a member of the Groninger Museum Salon Association for €500,--. Salon membership entails, among others, the following privileges:

• Two Salon passes per member, granting unlimited free Groninger Museum admission.
• Your company’s name is mentioned in the museum
• Your company’s name is mentioned on the museum’s website, including a link to your company’s website
• Your company’s name is mentioned in general notices of the museum
• Attending a biannual Salon assembly, including a guided tour and/or a special speaker
• An annual Salon dinner, including a guided tour (preview)
• An annual guided tour for 15 invitees for each member
• Invitations to openings and special events
• Free use of the Groninger Museum Office, to work quietly or hold business meetings
• Being sent the Museum Magazine, including a promotional interview with a Salon member
• 20% discount on room rental
• 20% discount on Groninger Museum catalogues

Wilt u deel uitmaken van deze exclusieve Salon of meer informatie ontvangen?

If you want to be a part of this exclusive Salon or receive more information, please contact Ademiek Gerritsma, coordinator events and relationship management, via +31 (0)50 3 666 505 or If you want to become a member, you can also contact Henk de Groot, of Dommerholt Advocaten.

Stichting Groninger Museum Salon (ENG: Groninger Museum Salon Foundation)
Postal address:
Heresingel 26
9711 ET Groningen
The Netherlands
Telephone number: +31 (0)50 3171370


Objective according to the institution’s regulations:
Supporting the Groninger Museum financially through (annual) payments and performing all further actions that are related to or can contribute to the aforementioned in the broadest sense.

Outlines of the institution’s current policy:
The policy of the institution’s board is aimed at attracting forty benefactors who contribute €2,500 per (fiscal) year each. At least 90% of the donations in each (fiscal) year will be donated to the foundation “Stichting Groninger Museum voor Stad en Lande”, also known as “Groninger Museum’.

Composition of the board, reward policy of the organisation, and names of the board members:
The board of the Groninger Museum Salon Foundation consists of Mr. H.J. de Groot (chairman), Mr. L.R. Brill (secretary), and Mr. E.H. U-A-Sai (treasurer). Board members are not paid for their activities.