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Graffiti and street art murals  

Mural by Michel Velt, Beijum Groningen
Mural by Michel Velt, Beijum Groningen © Photograph: Janne van der Vegt

Graffiti and street art murals

The Groninger Museum is reaching out to the city’s residents with three huge wall-filling artworks set to be created in the neighbourhoods of Beijum, Vinkhuizen and Paddepoel over the next few months. Dutch and foreign artists including Michel Velt and Tito Mulk will be creating new works that everyone will soon be able to enjoy. The street art project, co-produced with Writers’ Block, is part of a programme of events accompanying the exhibition JR: Chronicles, now on view at the museum.

Graffiti in Groningen tag
Graffiti in Groningen tag